Stargate Hopper Cap

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This “StarGate” cap is an epic upgrade to Rival Perses Hoppers!

To provide the large customization variety, these 3D printed hopper caps are made to order.

The pictures are examples, please select the colors for each part by selecting the small color swatches in each section.

- Great for most hoppers!

- Arrives completely built as one piece or order it un-assembled if preferred.

- Large variety of color schemes!


Please review all variants, If you want to assemble it yourself be sure to select UN-ASSEMBLED if you want the parts only to build it yourself.

Depending on your hopper, it may be necessary to glue or attach to guarantee it doesn't come loose during battle.

Please allow 2-4 days before it is shipped, due to the customized nature! For even more customization, please enter notes in the box at checkout or you may email or DM us on IG.



This is an open source design remixed to merge the adapter to the mechanical iris. 

The original idea was posted on thingiverse as two separate pieces.

The hopper adapter was made by EDSKaR and is posted here:

The sliding gate itself before modification is an open source design called Mechanical Iris and designed by JDMc:

This Perses Cap works with most paintball hopper sized openings but it was designed to be a perfect fit for the Hopper by Memoir:


Hoppers NOT INCLUDED, but can be found at the following:





3d Printed Solid