Mystery Gift Box

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Introducing the Velocity Jolt Gift Box !

This customized Jolt attachment is unique and Tacti-Cool!

It adds fun looks and has epic dart storage!

Great for Birthday Gift, Christmas Gifts, Secret Santa, White Elephants, or Grab Bags!

Includes over 30 pieces:

2 Blasters (Jolt + Mystery Jolt or MicroShot)
2 Targets
21 Darts
10 Bunkr Battle Cards
1 Gold Balloon
2 Balloons of Chosen Style
1 Gift Bag
2 Tissue Paper

Chosen color theme will determine the style of items. 

Items come in new condition but may be outside of original packaging

Please Note: Pictures will have variation depending on chosen color package!


CREDIT: “Nerf Scope with Crosshairs reduced rails by “87yj” “Rod for Nerf Jolt Stock” by “Northstar28” “Nerf Jolt Stock Attachment” by “Bravionics” “Nerf Dart Holder” by DavidCanfield “Jolt Dart Holder and Tactical Rail” by RealGaryBall